3 Ways To Tell if Your Water Quality Has Gone Bad

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3 Ways To Tell if Your Water Quality Has Gone Bad

We use water every day. We drink and bathe in it, but it’s hard to tell when our water quality is declining. Even water filters and softeners can malfunction or work incorrectly. How do you know when there’s a problem? Check out our three ways to tell if your water quality is bad.

Hard Water

Colored water is often a sign that it’s rich in minerals. Typically, water with a high mineral content—or hard water—won’t harm you, but there are other reasons to mitigate the hard water in your supply. Hard water is detrimental to your meals and appliances. It can leave streaks on dishware and clog up your appliances, which can cause a serious dent in your wallet when paying for repairs. Colored water can come in brownish or yellowish shades. That’s a severe issue because it indicates harmful contaminants in the water.

Tinted water could mean several things. It could indicate excessive iron, manganese, or organic materials in your water supply. Tinted water could signal that your home drainage system is worn out, especially if your home has lead pipes. This is detrimental because lead and rust can wreak havoc on your nervous system and cause many health issues. A new natural water source can also cause tinted water. Regardless, colored water is a key sign that something is amiss and that it’s time to get a total water treatment system for your home.

Water That Smells Like Chlorine or Sulfur

Chlorine sanitizes swimming pools and is a mainstay for water treatment plants. Workers put it in tap water to kill any harmful bacteria. However, if the water in your home smells strongly of chlorine, it’s not safe for consumption. It can cause skin and eye irritation and decrease clothes’ life expectancy during a wash. The same goes for a ‘rotten egg’, or sulfur, smell. Smelling either element is a key way to tell if your water quality has gone bad. Stinky water means it might be time to invest in a water filter.

Your Water Feels Slimy

If you find that your water “sticks” to your hands or leaves streaks on your dishes, it might be time to get a water softener. While hard water isn’t the worst thing for your health—you can safely drink it—it can still do a number on your hair and skin, making it feel slimy after several rinses. If you find that your water leaves a sticky residue, it’s time for a softener.

In short, there are many signs that your home’s water quality could improve. These three should show you that your water quality leaves much to be desired. You’ll be in good hands if you act on the information provided. You can start by installing a water softener or filter with us at 澳门网上赌彩网址大全 Water Softeners! You’ll be in good hands!